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Internships at Round Earth

Thanks for your interest in interning at Round Earth. Read a little more about what we have to offer, what we expect, and then submit your application online.

What we offer

  • Live and work on our Certified Naturally Grown farm.
  • Learn about every task involved with running the farm during the extent of your stay.
  • Stipend of $100/week, plus basic food & lodging.
  • Glorified camping – a yurt and tipi are available, plus a hot shower and bathroom, and a harvest area with camp stove, electricity, refrigeration, water and internet.
  • A friendly, fun work environment.

What we expect

  • A firm commitment of 2 or more months, ideally 5-6 months to complete a seasonal cycle.
  • A strong interest in small scale organic agriculture.
  • Ability to tackle challenging physical work, work in groups and work alone.
  • Minimum 25 hours/week farm work.
  • Independent individuals who can handle rural solitude.

Apply Now

Just click this link to view the application form. Tell us the basics, and we will call you to discuss a possible internship…