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Berry Varieties

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Heritage Everbearing Raspberry

Heritage is from the New York Experimental Station at Geneva. Produces vigorous upright canes which do not require staking. Superior quality, large berries.

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Polana Everbearing Raspberry

Early. Up to 3 weeks earlier to harvest than Heritage. Large, glossy berries with good flavor. Hardy, compact plants, from Poland.

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Encore Summer Fruiting Raspberry

Late/midseason. Good winter hardiness and yields. Late season harvest period helps bridge the gap between summer fruiting and everbearing (fall bearing) varieties. From New York.

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Nova Summer Fruiting Raspberry

Nearly thornless plants. Midseason. Vigorous and high yielding. Resistant to most common cane diseases. Medium-sized, firm, bright red fruits. From Nova Scotia.

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Bristol Summer Fruiting Black Raspberry

The very best black raspberry! Large, gorgeous, firm–rated the best-tasting. Vigorous, upright canes don’t need staking. Start harvest in early July.

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Chester Thornfree Blackberry

An introduction from the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture; thornfree , tangy-tart flavor; hardy, and ripen early.

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Triple Crown Thornless Blackberry

Easy to pick… Large, excellent flavor blackberries; thornless , semi-erect plant with large semi-gloss berries. Ripens mid to late July and withstands temps to -15 to -20°.

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Killarney Red Raspberry

Medium size canes, a bit taller than Boyne. Killarney is a light honey-red, and is extremely sweet for a raspberry. In fact, the bees prefer these to all others, which can make picking a bit challenging at times. Tends to bear in clusters that weight down the canes, so support is recommended. Summer bearing.

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