Raspberry & Blackberry Research

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Specialty Crop Grower Research and Education Grant

Raspberry/Blackberry Varietal Field Trials

Executive Summary

The project will research raspberry varieties for production in Western Colorado. We will research nine promising cultivars and try to identify two or three promising varieties for further research. Varieties will include summer fruiting and ever-bearing types, plus two blackberries for comparison. Yield, harvest season, size and harvest time from each type will be recorded over a three year period, as well as notes on flavor, habitat, storage & processing all posted on a regularly updated website.

Project Objective

  • compare yields, harvest season, size and harvest time between several leading commercial raspberry and blackberries cultivars.
  • compare trellised & pruned to mowed plantings
  • explore options for fresh market and for canning

Project Goal

Plant a well tended trellis section of nine commercially grown raspberry and blackberry cultivars  and carefully record data over three years. Determine viability/economics of raspberries/blackberries for our area, with specific varietal recommendations. Consider additional future plantings and varieties based on initial research.

2 Replies to “Raspberry & Blackberry Research”

  1. Do you have suggestions for soil preparation for alkaline type soils available. I’m planting Triple Crown blackberrys.

  2. Our soils are also fairly alkaline – I think they can take a little bit of alkalinity, but I’m just getting started so I’m not sure. You could try adding acidic organic matter (in our area there is a lot of apple pulp available from the apple juice plant), and just adding regular compost will also help buffer the alkalinity. There are also some commercial organic soil acidifiers available, I haven’t tried them.