Past Colorado Berry Research

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Organic Raspberry and Blackberry Variety Trials at the Horticulture Research Center northeast of Fort Collins, Colorado


Research Summary:

Five varieties of red rapsberries, two varieties of yellow raspberries, and two varieties of blackberries were planted on certified organic land at the Horticulture Research Center northeast of Fort Collins, Colorado. The variety trial was established in 2004.  Varieties were chosen based on hardiness, productivity, and early harvests and included the following varieties:
Red Raspberries
Autumn Bliss
Hardy and productive, early producer, large, flavorful fruit
Did outstanding in trials in New Mexico and Minnesota
Widely adapted, a classic but sometimes a poor producer
Produces 3 weeks earlier than Heritage, short plants
Red Wing
Heritage x Fall Red cross, developed in Minnesota, matures earlier than Heritage
Yellow Raspberries
Fall Gold
Very hardy variety, from New Hampshire
Kiwi Gold
Ripening and yields similar to Heritage
Thornless Blackberries
Late season ripening, resistant to cane blight, high quality fruit
Triple Crown
Late season but may be earlier than Chester, high quality fruit