Berry Update ~ Fences, Trellises & Berries!

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Fences & Trellises

Work continues in the new berry planting area. The fence is now nearly complete – all the posts are in, with both heights of high tinsel wire stretched and the final lengths of barb going on today. The contractor I hired to do the work has been steadily chipping away at what seemed like a huge project when it began and the fence is just a week or two away from being done.

While Dave was out working on the fence, i wend ahead and had him dig the holes we need for the trellis ends. I went around and dug small pilot holes for him, and he made quick work of digging the 32 holes I need for the trellis ends.  We begin work on the trellis poles inside the beds this week.

The Berries!

Quite a few berries are actually growing in this initial planting, so it looks like we will have a small crop this year. I still need to do some clearing and ground work so i can get into the rown to mow down the grass and alfalfa thats come back between the row covers.

The slideshow below shows some recent shots of the developing plot.

[slidepress gallery=’berries-july-2010′]