Berry Update: ground cover & drip irrigation

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Installing the woven ground cover

The task of laying the ground cover out, to cover each side of the eight trellised berry rows has begun. I dug the side furrows with the tractor, this furrow takes the outer edge of the ground cover fabric, while the inner edge is pinned down with a 6″ ground staple along the berry row. This process is very labor intensive with lots of rocks to clear, digging and pinning. I’ll try to take some more detailed shots of this part of the project soon, but for now here is a far-off shot of the berries with the (black) ground fabric visible.

Installing the drip system

A single line of 1/2″ embedded drip emitter tubing runs along each row of berries. These tubes are partially buried and completely under the row cover.  The have built in, low flow emitters every 12″; designed to be run for a long period of time they will soak each bed thoroughly. I will post some more pictures of the system details soon. The lines are almost complete and the system should be ready to pressurized shortly!