Berry Update Spring 2012

The berries came back very strong this spring. ¬†We thinned out the canes while they were still dormant and several varieties showed strong growth, although several also froze back to their bases. This winter was relatively mild, with low temperatures never below 0 so the die back was surprising and I am considering a protective […]

Killarney Red Raspberry

Killarney Red Raspberries Medium size canes, a bit taller than Boyne. Killarney is a light honey-red, and is extremely sweet for a raspberry. In fact, the bees prefer these to all others, which can make picking a bit challenging at times. Tends to bear in clusters that weight down the canes, so support is recommended. […]

Berry Update: Year One Summary

This post is a summary of what happened in the first year of the project. First Year Accomplishments Established planting area for berries Set up complete irrigation system for berries Plant all berries, with ground cover Build Elk/Deer fencing to protect planting Establish website ¬† to track all project progress begin building berry trellising Check […]